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Wholesome Sweeteners has ethical sourcing as its core

From The Organic Report, Winter 2012
By Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Ferring

Organic Essential Oils Expert

Here, Aura Cacia's Jennifer Ferring describes organic essential oils and the unique benefits they have to offer, and offers her top tips for bringing organic essential oils

Megan Westgate

Non-GMO Advocate

Here, Non-GMO Project Executive Director Megan Westgate provides details about the upcoming Right 2 Know March and offers tips about how to get involved.


Concerns About GMOs

A growing body of research suggests that genetically modified organisms (more commonly referred to as GMOs) may be doing more harm than good when it comes to human health and the health of the envi

A Lesson on GMO Labels

Many of us are concerned about the effects genetically modified foods have on our health. And for good reason: we also do not have information conclusively proving that GMOs are safe.

Organic Coffee Growers Conserve Water Resources

Organic Coffee Growers

Learn how this organic coffee farm in Guatemala has used organic practices to dramatically re

Two companies, one vision

From The Organic Report, Spring 2011
By Jennifer Rose

USDA pesticide data show startling differences in produce residue levels

To keep pesticides out of food, water, and off farms, choose organic products

E. coli Facts

What is E. coli?