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The Farm Bill

You are probably aware that Congress is trying to find ways to cut government spending and reduce the size of the U.S. deficit.

Organic and Local: Better Together

Everywhere we look these days, we are encouraged to buy local. And with good reason. Locally produced foods help support local farmers and encourage a sense of community.

OTA deplores USDA action to proceed with genetically engineered sugar beets despite court order

Let us know your thoughts on GMOs and how they affect your shopping habits.

Food Safety Modernization Act

Organic Trade Association applauds passage of Food Safety reform

Integrity of organic practices protected in final bill

GE Alfalfa

USDA releases its EIS on genetically altered alfalfa

Healthy Eating

Do you know what Acesulfame-K is? How much folate do you consume in a day?

Natural vs. Organic

What's the difference between organic and natural? Isn't "natural food" just as safe and healthy as organic food?

Children and Parenting

Parent reading latest research

Pesticides 101

Pesticides have made news headlines several times recently. The annual Pesticide Data Program (PDP) summary released by the U.S.