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Lynda Fassa

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Organic Entrepreneur, Author and Pa

In this interview, Green Babies' founder Lynda Fassa explains the benefits of incorporating organic into all realms of your life and offers tips on how to do so without breaking the bank.


lynda fassa

Q: Is it worth it to buy organic non-food products since you don't eat them?

LF: Absolutely. What we put on our bodies, we put in our bodies. That's why it is so important to choose organic personal care, clothing, bedding, and cleaning products. They are made without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers, which means that you won't absorb these harmful substances into your body when you use them.

Q: Where can you to go to find organic non-food products?

LF: The great news is that organic non-food products are easier to find than ever before. While it was once the case that you had to seek them out in co-ops specialty shops, you can now find organic non-food products in mainstream grocery stores, department stores, and even large discount chains. 

Q: Is it as important for parents to buy organic for themselves as it is for them to buy organic for their children?

LF: Studies show that children are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of exposue to toxic and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, but that doesn't mean that adults are immune to the problems that exposure to these materials can cause. To me, it just makes sense to buy organic and not take that risk. If we know organic is the better way to go for kids, it's probably better for us, too. Plus, children learn by example. If we model a lifestyle that incorporates lots of organic products, our kids are more likely to choose organic themselves.

 Q: What tips do you have for people interested in adding more organic to their lifestyle, but are concerned about keeping costs down?

LF: When I am looking to cut costs, I make a point of eating out less and cooking at home more. Not only does this help to keep my budget in check, it also provides a great opportunity to make and enjoy healthy, organic meals with my family. 


About Lynda Fassa:
Lynda Fassa founded Green Babies over 15 years ago out of her New York City apartment after her first daughter, Layla, was born. Green Babies makes babies and children’s clothes exclusively out of organic cotton and is produced in the United States.  

Fassa was inspired to start her business when she learned cotton is the second most pesticide laden crop in the world, and number one in America. "Because often, Green Babies is the first organic garment a customer buys, we have a responsibility for it to be the best, their favorite, a purchase they are thrilled they made. The halo effect for organic is high, if the garment gets the baby the accolades she deserves." says Fassa.

Besides the continuing growth of Green Babies clothing, Fassa is a respected natural parenting expert, who often speaks on her philosophy that "natural is better". She has appeared on national news shows, The TODAY Show, CBS Sunday Morning, ABC Morning News,  Access Hollywood and more. She has spoken for the Organic Trade Association, Teens for Safe Cosmetics, ICAN Omaha, The Worldwide Orphans Foundation and Whole Foods Markets. She’s the baby and family expert for Discovery’s PlanetGreen.com and often writes for national parenting magazines.  

Lynda is also the author of two natural parenting books--Green Babies & Sage Moms: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Your Organic Baby. A January 2008 release from NAL Penguin, and Green Kids, Sage Families, 2009 Penguin.  

She lives in Westchester County, NY with her husband and business partner Hossein, three wonderful daughters, two crazy dogs and a myriad of fuzzy pets.