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Eva and Chris Worden

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Organic Farmers

In this video, organic farmers Eva and Chris Worden share their passion for organic farming and explain why they feel it is worth it--for themselves, their customers, and the planet.


Video courtesy of NBC Nightly News (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34276015/vp/35678136#35677502)

About Eva and Chris Worden*
Husband and wife team Chris and Eva Worden founded Worden Farm,a certified organic family farm in Southwest Florida, in 2003. They grow fresh, local, organic produce for the local community and
distribute it through several farmers markets and through a
community supported agriculture (CSA) farm membership program.

The Wordens met when both were conducting research on compost
in crop production for their Masters programs at University of
Maryland. They have been farming together since 1998, when they
farmed on leased land trust property while earning doctoral degrees.Chris has a Ph.D. in Crop Science from University of Connecticut, and Eva has a Ph.D. in Ecosystem Management from Yale.

Chris and Eva have helped thousands of people learn about organic
farming and gardening in workshops, farm tours, university courses,
conferences, and an intensive farm apprenticeship program.

The Wordens have two young sons, who love playing in the dirt.

*Biography drawn from http://www.wordenfarm.com/thefarmers.html