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Organic Sauces and Condiments

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Why It's Worth It:

What you put on your food is just as important as what you put in it. When you choose to use organic sauces and condiments, you can be confident that they have been produced and processed in a manner that helps to minimize your exposure to synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and artificial additives, and helps to protect the health of the planet.

What to look for:organic condiments

  • Look for the USDA seal. This indicates that the product is made of at least 95% organic ingredients.
  • Look for the phrase "Made with Organic Ingredients." This indicates that the product contains at least 70 percent organic ingredients.
  • Look for information on the certifier (i.e.: the certifier's name or logo).
  • Look on the ingredients panel to confirm that organic ingredients were used to make the product.

Spice it up:

Looking to give your burger a mouth-watering boost?  Check out organic mayo, mustard, relish or any of your other favorite toppers. Interested in something more exotic? Give organic curries, chutneys, and gourmet oils and vinegars a try.


*Photo of mustard courtesy of Blue Marble Brands.