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Grow Organic Food

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Organic farmers understand that what you put into the soil has a profound impact on what you get out of it.

organic farmerThat is why they rely on such practices as hand weeding, mechanical control, mulches, cover crops, crop rotation and dense planting, rather than toxic and persistent pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, to enrich the soil in which they grow their crops.

They recognize that doing so provides plants with the nutrients they need to grow. Plus, it enables the absorption of major and micro-nutrients like Vitamin C, resulting in a higher nutrient content and often a better tasting crop. 

As you read through this section and think about how to manage your lawn and garden, be sure to consider what you are getting – and not getting – when you go organic.

You'll begin to see why people are coming to the conclusion that when it comes to tending to the natural landscape, organic is worth it.