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Healthy Eating

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Do you know what Acesulfame-K is? How much folate do you consume in a day? Eating healthy doesn't have to be confusing or difficult; in fact, choosing certified organic food is a simple and delicious way to protect yourself and your family from harmful chemicals, artificial ingredients and preservatives.

10 Reasons to Choose Organic Foodchoose organic food

1. Organic food is rich in nutrients

2. Organic food reduces one's exposure to harmful chemicals

3. Organic food is good for the environment

4. Organic food means healthier, happier animals

5. Organic food can help reduce one's risk of cancer

6. Organic is the most heavily regulated food system

7. Organic food means healthier children

8. Organic food helps to build healthy soils

9. Organic food is easier to find and more affordable than ever before

10. Organic food offers choice in the marketplace for those looking to avoid antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones, artificial ingredients and GMOs