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Organic Harvest Month

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There’s no better time to dig into organic than September. Designated as Organic Harvest Month™, September is a great time to discover – or rediscover- the many benefits that organic products and agriculture have to offer you, your family, and the planet.

assorted organic vegetablesIn honor of Organic Harvest Month™, retailers, organizations, food co-ops, farm groups, and communities around the country host special celebrations designed to promote understanding of and enthusiasm about organic products and agriculture. Be sure to check with your local organic retailers to learn about the Organic Harvest Month™ events taking place in your area. We promise: it’s worth it!

In addition to all it has to offer for adults, Organic Harvest Month™ is filled with great opportunities to educate kids about organic.

Looking for other ways to celebrate Organic Harvest Month™? Participate in our latest "Organic. It's Worth It"campaign.Starting September 7, 2010, OTA is kicking off an interactive scavenger hunt in which consumers will receive clues in OTA’s “Organic. It’s Worth It” e-newsletter instructing them to visit and share information via OTA's various social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, and Posterous). Each week, consumers who successfully follow the clues will be awarded prizes.

Be sure to sign up for OTA's e-newsletter to take advantage of this opportunity to show your support for organic and win! We promise: it's worth it!

Also consider these simple ideas to show that you believe Organic. It’s Worth It.

1. PREPARE one meal with as many organic ingredients as possible. Don’t forget to serve the organic beverage of your choice with your meal and enjoy an organic dessert.  Make it a celebration!

2. GO SHOPPING and fill one grocery bag with all organic products. Remember, organic isn’t just in the produce aisle, it’s in the frozen section, in the health and beauty department, and it appears everywhere between dairy and canned goods. If you can’t find organic items in your store, talk to your grocer to find out about bringing some in.

3. WEAR organic cotton clothing, available in everything from socks to sweaters. Enjoy the comfort and style while you support agriculture that builds healthy soils and protects the environment.

4. INDULGE yourself. Take a long bath in water scented with organic oils. Nibble on rich organic chocolate. Sip organic wine, beer or even a martini made with organic vodka. Buy yourself a bouquet of organically grown flowers. Cuddle in a towel or robe made from organic cotton.

5. SAY THANK YOU to an organic grower or producer because they’re the ones who bring organic food and fiber products to the tables and stores all across North America. Grab a friend and go to your local farmers market where you can buy organic products directly from a certified organic grower and say “Thanks!”

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Suggestions/Resources for Retailers
1. Offer more locally/regionally produced organic food/produce during the month of September, and advertise that you are doing so.  Have a special section in the store (perhaps one section in the produce aisles) for this, with catchy signage.

2. Bring in a local organic farmer for several hours and have that person available to meet with your customers and to let them sample his/her wares, with products available to purchase.

3.  Sponsor a coloring activity for children and award all participants with an organic piece of fruit of their choice.