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Organic Eggs Can't Be Beat!

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On a recent trip to a Vermont co-op, our Savvy Organic Shopper found organic eggs for $3.99 (per dozen), cage-free eggs for $3.99, and local eggs for $4.99. While the chickens that produced the local eggs may have had access to the outdoors, and those that produced the cage-free eggs were not confined, they may have been fed conventional grain containing GMOs. By contrast, the chickens that produce organic eggs are guaranteed to have had access to the outdoors, be cage-free, and be fed 100% organic feed, grown and processed without the use of GMOs. Plus, only organic eggs are subject to third-party inspection, verifying that they are produced in a manner you and your family can trust. With all those benefits for the same price as cage-free eggs, organic eggs can’t be beat!