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Back to Basics

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On a recent trip to Shaw’s in Canton, MA, our Savvy Organic Shopper went in search of a number of basic items with which to re-stock her pantry. While there, she found a 2-pound bag of organic whole wheat flour priced at $2.65; a 5-pound bag of the conventional equivalent was $3.69. She also found a 1.5 pound bag of organic sugar for $2.69, and a 2-pound bag of conventional sugar for $1.39. Additionally, she found a 12-ounce jar of organic honey for $2.99; the same size jar of conventional honey was $4.45. Given the small price difference, and the fact that the organic products were made without the use of toxic and persistent chemicals, GMOs, and artificial ingredients, our Savvy Organic Shopper was more than happy to fill her cart, and later her pantry shelves, with organic cooking and baking essentials.