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A Sweet Treat

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Our Savvy Organic Shopper recently had a craving for something sweet, so she drove to Wegmans in Liverpool, NY in search of ingredients to make an ice cream sundae. While there, she found a 24-ounce bottle of conventional chocolate sauce priced at $1.99. She also found a 15.5 ounce bottle of Santa Cruz Organic chocolate syrup priced at $4.39, but she had a coupon from the Santa Cruz Organic website for $.75 cents off, so the price at the register was only $3.64. Although the organic chocolate syrup was still slightly more expensive, she knew it was worth it to avoid artificial colors, flavors, and ingredients. Added to a scoop of her favorite organic vanilla ice cream, a dollop of organic whipped cream, and an organic cherry, the organic chocolate sauce made for a sundae she was sure to remember all week!