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Healthy Holiday

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Broccoli casserole is a staple on our Savvy Organic Shopper’s holiday menu. As such, she was pleased to find good prices at Treasure Island grocery store in Chicago, IL on a number of organic ingredients she uses to make it. Earthbound Farm organic broccoli was $3.49 per pound (non-organic was $1.29 per pound); Organic Valley Raw Sharp Cheddar was $5.49 for 8 oz. (non-organic was $4.75/lb); Late July organic crackers were $3.49/6oz (non-organic were $4.69/15 oz); and a 16 oz. jar of organic mayonnaise was $5.09 (non-organic was $3.89/15 oz). Although the non-organic ingredients were slightly less expensive, they didn’t come with the promise of being grown and processed without the use of toxic chemicals, GMOs, and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives that the organic ones did. For our Savvy Organic Shopper, who puts her health and the health of her family at the top of her priority list, that was a deal-breaker. So, she grabbed the organic items, checked out, and headed home with a smile on her face, knowing that she had just what she needed to make this year’s broccoli casserole a healthy one that her whole family could enjoy.