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Affordable organic family meals

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On a recent trip to Whole Foods Market in Columbus Circle in Washington, D.C., our Savvy Organic Shopper came across a number of competitively priced organic ingredients that can be used to make delicious, and affordable, family meals. Let’s start with pasta. Organic fusilli pasta was priced $1.29 per pound, while conventional was $.99 per pound.  Now let’s look at chicken, another great staple to have on hand for family meals. Natural chicken breasts were priced at $4.99, while organic were $6.99. How about cherry tomatoes? You could pick up 1 pint of conventional ones for $2.49, or get 2 pints of organic cherry tomatoes for $5. That means for just $2.30 more, or 57 cents per person for a family of four, you could pick up an assortment of affordable ingredients that can be used to make a number of healthy, flavorful meals AND enjoy the many benefits organic has to offer (i.e.: being made and processed without the use of synthetic growth hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or genetic engineering). What a deal!