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Organic Meat

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When you are deciding which meat to feed your family, it is important to organic livestockknow exactly what you are getting ─ and what you're not.

You've probably heard the recent news about "pink slime," which is made of waste meat products treated with ammonium hydroxide. 

U.S. organic standards prohibit the use of ammonium hydroxide in meat production. As a result, you can be sure that when you choose USDA certified organic meat, you are getting a product that, by law, does not contain "pink slime."

When you choose USDA certified organic meat, you can also be sure that: 

  • The animals have received humane treatment.
  •  The animals have been fed certified organic feed.
  •  The animals have been given access to the outdoors (pasture).
  •  The animals have not been treated with antibiotics or synthetic hormones.

Read on and view this chart to learn more about certified organic meat, and how it compares to meat bearing other eco-labels.

Facts About the Production of Organic Beef





*Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountain Organic Meats