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Organic Fiber Products

Increasingly, companies are making apparel and home textiles that include organic fiber such as organic cotton or organic wool. The U.S.

Jon Cadoux

Organic Beer Expert

Here, Peak Organic Brewing Co.

Prohibited Substances

Here is a list of some substances that commonly appear in conventional personal care products.

Seth Goldman

Organic Tea Expert

Here, Honest Tea's TeaEO Seth Goldman explains the differences between organic, Fair Trade™, and conventionally grown tea and offers tips on how to make your next cup of tea a de

A Lesson on Labels

Product labels can be confusing, particularly since new ones seem to pop up every day. Here are some tips to help you navigate the label maze and make informed purchasing decisions.

Rob Hurlbut

Organic Cereal Expert

Here, Attune Foods' CEO Rob Hurlbut explains the distinction between organic and non-organic cereals, highlights the health benefits organic cereals have to offer, and provides h

Cole Daily

Organic Spice Expert

Here, Vice President of Global Sourcing for Frontier Natural Products Co-op Cole Daily explains the difference between organic spices and their non-organic

Rethink What You Drink

Organic Beverage Expert

In this video, Honest TeaEO Seth Goldman explains why it's worth to "rethink what you drink" and

Emma Watson to design organic clothing line


The lead actress of Hollywood film “Harry Potter” is venturing into the high-fashion world, as she teams up with Italian fashion house Alberta Ferretti to develop a range of organic clothing.&nb