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Organic Companies - Going the Extra Mile

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organic indiaThrough their use of sustainable business practices, companies involved in the production of  organic products do much to promote and protect human and environmental health. In many cases, their good work does  not stop there. Some are actively involved in the preservation of the rain forest; others strive to ensure pregnant women’s access to essential pre-natal care. Still others work to keep endangered animals from going extinct.

Read on to learn more about organic companies committed to going the extra mile for people and the planet.

Wholesome Sweeteners

Seventh Generation

Lundberg Family Farms

Alvarado Street Bakery

Archi's Acres

Sustainable Sourcing

Nature's Path



Llano Seco Rancho

Stahlbush Island Farms

Mountain Rose Herbs

SunRidge Farms

Late July Organic Snacks

 New Chapter

Maggie's Organics/Clean Clothes and Indigenous Designs

Organic India

Dixon Ridge Farms

B Bar Land and Livestock-Big Timber

Building Healthy Soils at Harvard Yard

Bringing Agriculture Back to Detroit






Photo courtesy of Organic India.