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Organic Poultry

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organic poultryWhen you buy an organic poultry product, you can feel confident that it has been:

  • Cage-free
  • Granted access to the outdoors
  • Fed 100% organic feed
  • Not treated with antibiotics
  • Not treated with synthetic hormones
  • Not fed plastic pellets
  • Not fed animal by-products

By law, organic poultry producers must also adhere to the following standards:

Livestock health care practice standard (Section 205.238)

Producers must establish and maintain preventive livestock health care practices
• This includes providing appropriate housing, pasture conditions, and sanitation practices to minimize the occurrence and spread of diseases and parasites.
• Conditions must be provided allowing exercise, freedom of movement, and reduction of stress appropriate to the species.
• Performance of physical alterations as needed to promote the animal’s welfare and in a manner that minimizes pain and stress.

Livestock living conditions (Section 205.239)
The producer of an organic livestock operation must establish and maintain livestock living conditions which accommodate the health and natural behavior of animals, including:
• Access to the outdoors, shade, shelter, exercise areas, fresh air and direct sunlight suitable to the species, its stage of production, the climate and the environment.
• Access to pasture.
• Appropriate clean, dry bedding.