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Tips to Let Others Know Organic. It's Worth It in Schools

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Think Organic is Worth it in Schools?

Tips to Let Others Know


1.)   Request time at your next school board meeting.


Most public school boards are open to the public. Community members and students can typically request for time at meetings to share their thoughts on new or pending issues. You can request time at a future meeting to present the benefits of adding organic food into your school system.  

2.)   Draft letters to your school board, school administrators and area elected officials.


Put your passion for healthy school meals into writing by submitting letters to school board, school administrators and elected officials (mayor, city council, state representatives, Congressional representatives). Suggested draft letters can be found here: http://www.organicitsworthit.com/join/organic-its-worth-it-schools-letter


3.)   Submit a petition.


Let others know it’s not just you who supports more healthy or local organic foods in schools. Create a petition and collect signatures. Present it to your school board and/or mail copies to your school system leaders. Download a suggested petition form here: http://www.organicitsworthit.com/join/organic-its-worth-it-schools-petition


4.)   Form a club.


Whether you’re in school or college, a parent, or a concerned community member, you’ll find you can accomplish more with the support and collaboration from likeminded individuals. Form a club with others who want more healthy or local organic food in schools. Working together, such an organization can research and present solutions to your school leaders on a more formal and consistent basis.


5.)   Run for office.


If you’re a student, consider running for student government. A parent and/or community member? Run for the school board. What better way to raise your voice about your support for organic food in schools?