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Granola French Toast

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Contributed by Nora Pouillon

This recipe had two purposes: one to have fun cooking with my children and two to sneak healthy food choices into their breakfast.
Both my children did not like eggs, cheese or granola, all of which are good for you. So I created this great recipe to fool them into eating well and loving it !!!

Serves 4

2 whole eggs
2 Tbl whole milk
Pinch of salt
1Tbl sugar (opt.), depends on sweetness of granola
1 cup granola
4 bread slices (3/8 to 1/2-inch thick), preferably one day old 
1 tbl sunflower oil or butter

Mix eggs, milk, salt and sugar (opt.) and add the granola.  Pour into a shallow dish. 
Put bread slices into egg granola mixture and leave for a minute or so to absorb the liquid.
Melt butter or oil in a sauté pan, add soaked bread slices and put some of the granola mix on top of the bread.
Cook on both sides until lightly brown and the eggs are set.
Serve with fresh berries and yogurt, honey or maple syrup.

Note: If you have leftover egg-granola mixture - make dollar size dollops in the sauté pan and cook them until firm, like pancakes.  Serve with berries and yogurt.