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Healing Herbal Oil & Salve

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Courtesy of Mountain Rose Herbsherbal oil salve

This soothing herbal infused oil is perfect for cuts, scrapes, bug bites, rashes, dry and damaged skin, itches, bruises, minor wounds, and other skin irritations.

- Use a combination of any of the following dried organic herbs: Calendula flowers, Plantain leaf, Chickweed, Comfrey leaf and/or root, Chamomile flowers, Lavender flowers.
- Organic Olive Oil

Place dried herbs in a clean, dry glass jar. Pour olive oil into the jar, making sure to cover herbs by at least 1” of oil so they will have space to expand. Stir well and cap the jar tightly. Place the jar in a warm, sunny windowsill and shake once or more per day. After 4-6 weeks, strain the herbs out of the oil using cheesecloth. Make sure to squeeze out every precious drop of oil! Pour into glass bottles and store in a cool dark place.

To make a salve, combine 4 oz of herbal oil with ½ oz Beeswax over a double boiler.  Once melted, remove from heat and pour into tins or glass jars.

Content and recipes written by Irene Wolansky, the Marketing Director at Mountain Rose Herbs.