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How to Read the Organic Label

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has developed four categories of organic labels, based on the percentage of organic content in a product.

1. 100 Percent Organic: Products produced using exclusively organic methods, containing only organic ingredients, are allowed to carry a label declaring “100 percent organic.”

2. Organic: Products that contain at least 95% organic ingredients may use the USDA Organic label.

3. Made with organic: Products with 70% to 95% organic ingredients may display “Made with organic [with up to three specific organic ingredients]” on the front panel.

Any non-organic  ingredients used in the above labeling categories may not be produced using genetic engineering, irradiation or sewage sludge.

4. Ingredient Panel: Products with less than 70% organic ingredients can only list the organic items on the ingredient panel.

 Here is a simple visual to help you understand the labeling options:

Understand organic labels