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Lemon Asparagus Risotto

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Recipe courtesy of Santa Cruz Organic®

Don't fear risotto! It's much easier than its reputation, and this lemony approach creates a perfect side to roast chicken or even grilled vegetables. Or do as the Italians do and treat your risotto as a pasta substitute, and enjoy this as your main course with a simple salad. Bon Apetito!


•2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
•2 tablespoons unsalted butter, organic preferred
•1 each yellow onion, chopped
•2 cups Arborio rice (or risotto rice if named as such)
•12 cups chicken broth (or vegetable stock if preferred)
•3 tablespoons Santa Cruz Organic® 100% Lemon Juice
•To taste sea salt
•1 cup asparagus, cut 1 ½ -inch pieces on the bias (optional)
•3 tablespoons flat-leaf Italian parsley, minced
•Parmesan cheese, grated (to taste)

•In a medium-size stock pot, heat olive oil and butter over medium heat until butter is melted; add yellow onion and cook until onion is translucent and just beginning to brown on edges (about 8 minutes)
•In separate stock pot, heat chicken broth over medium heat to a light simmer.
•Add Arborio rice to the stockpot with onions, and stir; allow rice to slightly brown for 2 to 3 minutes, while stirring, making sure nothing is burning on bottom of pan.
•Add one cup of heated chicken broth; stir once and walk away for 5 to 7 minutes while the broth absorbs. (See, you don't need to labor and stay by the stove!)
•Now is time for the art of risotto: allow chicken broth to absorb one cup at a time while cooking over medium to medium-high heat; you know you are timing the addition of your broth correctly, if the risotto has a creamy, porridge-like appearance; for the next 10 cups of broth you will (a) add cup of broth, (b) stir until blended, ensuring to stir bottom of pan so no rice is sticking, and (c) walk away from stove while the liquid is absorbed.
•Before adding the final (12th) cup of broth, add the lemon juice and the fresh asparagus pieces.
•Add final cup of broth and allow to cook over medium to medium-low heat until fully absorbed and asparagus is bright green and lightly cooked.
•Remove pot of cooked risotto from heat; salt to taste; add parsley and stir until blended.
•To serve, ladle cooked risotto into bowls or onto a plate; sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese and minced parsley.
NOTE: To reheat, you'll need to heat more broth or water and add to cooked risotto and heat slowly.

Makes 6-8 servings.