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Olive Toast with Berries

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Contributed by Chef Jesse Cool

This recipe is seductive to those who love plain cream cheese and jelly sandwiches (like I do!). I prepared this at an event in New York after going to the Union Square Market and finding great blackberries and a jar of local New York honey. Use any berry or cherries, or juicy apricots, peaches or even melon.

The combination of the olives in the bread with the creamy cheese and sweet, yet spicy fruit is simply delicious.

1 cup very ripe berries
1 tablespoon honey (optional)
pinch of chopped fresh or dry spicy chilies
4 thick slices of olive breads
4 ounces cream cheese

With a fork, mash the berries and add the honey and chilies.
Toast the bread.
Spread the cream cheese on the toast and top with the berries. Cut in half and serve.

Serves four