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Organic Food for Your Baby

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organic food for babiesOrganic Food For Your Baby ... it only makes sense!
Contributed by Kalpna Solanki BSc MBA CPHI(C) and owner of Bobobaby

As a family we had been eating organic food for more than ten years.  When our daughter came along, of course, her food had to be organic too.  Why?

Because it's better for your child  

Children with their smaller size, rapid growth rate and speedy metabolisms are more vulnerable to developmental damage than adults.  Research shows that a child gets four times more exposure to pesticides in their foods than adults.

  • Immature infant organs and body systems are more susceptible to damage from toxins in foods. Infant digestive tracts absorb toxins more easily, and young kidneys are inefficient at excreting toxins, allowing them to circulate longer in the body.
  • Infants' diets are usually restricted to a small range of foods that may also place them at higher risk of pesticide exposure.
  • Current regulations of acceptable pesticide residues allowed in conventional, non-organically grown food are based on standards developed for adult consumption not children.  Children just cannot withstand that level of exposure.
  • Research shows that organically grown foods may be more nutritious than conventionally grown foods.  For example, organic fruits and vegetables have been shown to contain more vitamin C and are richer in some antioxidants such as polyphenolic compounds.  Furthermore, organically grown grains may have better quality protein than non-organic grains.
  • Organically grown foods taste better too!

Because it's better for the environment your child grows up with

  • Reduced use of pesticides that can decrease the negative impact on beneficial insects and other animal species.  Organic farming methods develops vigorous, fertile soils that are ecologically healthy and can grow wider ranges of crops.
  • A reduction in the use of pesticides decreases the contamination of ground water and soils.

Because it's better for the farmers

  • More than 200 million pounds of pesticides were applied to the $3 billion worth of fruit and vegetables exported from Mexico to Canada and the US last year.  Farm workers are exposed to these pesticides and have significant health impacts as a result.

Think of it as an investment in your child's future - it's worth it.

Kalpna Solanki BSc MBA CPHI(C) is the President of BOBOBABY, a manufacturer of frozen organic baby food

Lawrence Mroz PhD(C) is the Nutritional Consultant for BOBOBABY



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