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Seared Snug Haven Spinach and Mint

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Contributed by Chef Odessa Piper

I adore spinach! It tosses really well. It's so good for you and it tastes delicious! Seared Snug Haven Spinach and Mint  is a wonderful side dish for Lamb.

1 lb organic, hoop house spinach
3 sprigs fresh mint leaves (about 12 leaves)
1 teaspoon Cooking oil of your choice
Sea Salt and freshly cracked pepper
Fry pan or wok, at least 12" in diameter

Remove bulky stem from spinach. If leaves are large, tear in half. Otherwise, leave the leaves whole. Wash spinach and don't dry completely. Pluck mint leaves from stem.

Prepare this side dish just before serving.

Pre-heat a large open fry pan or wok on medium heat. Add the cooking oil. The pan should be quite hot.  Add spinach and toss with tongs. The water from the washing will steam and tenderize the spinach in a matter of seconds. Cut heat and toss in the mint leaves. While the residual heat of the pan continues to wilt the spinach, season with sea salt and coarsely cracked pepper to taste.  Serve the minted spinach immediately.


 *Vegan, *Gluten-Free