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Tips for Buying Organic Foods

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1.  When starting out, focus on organic alternatives to the foods your family eats most.organic vegetables
2.  Try to add one new organic item to your cart each week. You can find organic versions of virtually every food your family eats. 

3.  Learn to read USDA Organic labels:
· 100 Percent Organic--may carry new USDA Organic Seal

· Organic - at least 95% of content is organic by weight (excluding water and salt) and may carry new USDA Organic Seal.

· Made With Organic - at least 70% of content is organic and the front product panel may display the phrase "Made with Organic" followed by up to three specific ingredients.

· When less than 70 % of content is organic, may list only those ingredients that are organic on the ingredient panel with no mention of organic on the main panel.

 4. Look for organic foods wherever you shop.  Organic foods can be found at your favorite grocery store, natural food store or local farmers market.  And remember, you can find products made from organic cotton, wool and linen too!
5.  If you don't find the organic foods you're looking for, ASK.  Many store managers are happy to make special orders for their customers or can help you find an alternative to meet your needs.

6. Once you’ve found the organic items you are looking for, consider buying in bulk. It’s a great way to cut down on costs and packaging.

7. Buy in season whenever possible. Not only do seasonable items tend to be cheaper, they also taste great!