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The best-fed pets in Britain

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Mail Online

My husband sells dried dog food and says it’s all they need, but I don’t believe him. I think dogs have to have fresh food, too. But I won’t feed them just anything — supermarket dog food may be only 50p a tin, but what’s in it? 

Not just meat, but ground up bones, feathers as well as sugar, which makes dogs fat and damages their teeth. I’d never feed that to my little Yorkies. 

I go to the butchers and buy proper meat — tonight it’s organic minced steak with pasta, all hand-cooked. I also make them eat peas, cauliflower and carrots, bones to gnaw on and half a teaspoon of yumega oil on their evening meal to make their coats shiny. 

And I serve it all up on white china plates trimmed with gold, sitting with them while they’re eating to make sure they eat only their own. 

And because dogs need a bit of crunch, they get Healthy Option dried food for breakfast and natural chew sticks to help their teeth, not to mention bacon ribs to clean their teeth — although I am careful to boil them first to get rid of the salt.

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