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5 Reasons Why Modern Organic Farming Is the Only Thing That Can Feed the World, Parts 2 and 3

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Reason # 2: Modern organic farming works better

The scientific studies done by the Farming Systems Trial at the Rodale Institute in Pennsylvania, and validated around the world by other researchers and farmers, show beyond a doubt that when done properly, modern organic farming is more productive and profitable for farmers.

Organic production exceeds chemical yields, especially in years of drought and flood.

Organic farming uses less fuel.

Organic farming creates jobs by requiring more labor, but they are good, healthy jobs.

Organic farming creates a more diverse and stable local and farm economy.

Organic farming prevents flooding and drought damage by building healthy soil that is extremely absorbent and resilient.

Organic animals and crops are more resistant to disease and insect problems, just as a healthy person is more resistant to disease.

Many chemical farmers have been so trained to believe that organic farming is impossible that they have stopped thinking at all. In order to break through the hardened shell around their minds, we must be willing to build relationships, share our knowledge and experience, and start at the very beginning. We must lead by example.

Because the solution is modern organic farming.

Reason #3: Modern organic farming protects our environment

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