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Volunteers help organic farmers

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SWVA Today

Liz Gomez used to hate weeding.

“Which is really unfortunate because that’s what we did for two months straight,” she said, standing between tomato vines on Anthony and Laurel

Flaccavento’s three and a half acre farm outside of Abingdon. “At first I didn’t realize that this shuffle hoe blade could be sharpened and Anthony would send me out to weed. It was like weeding with a dull butter knife.”
Now she can’t help it.

“When I’m walking the dogs and I see something, I have to weed,” she said.
“It’s hardwired into my brain.”

Gomez spent six months on the Flaccavento’s farm through World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, an organization that connects organic farms around the world with volunteer help in return for room and board. 

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