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State of the Organic Union

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The Atlantic

As a third-generation insider, and granddaughter of the original organic iconoclast, I've seen the evolution of the organic food industry happen in real time. Slow-motion real time. (My grandfather started Organic Gardening Magazine in 1942—although truthfully I wasn't born until 1962.) On October 13, 2010, the current leaders of the organic movement in America convened at the 3rd Annual Organic Summit in Boston. The topics ranged from the challenges of procuring organic ingredients, to the overall trends and perceptions of consumers, to debating the strategy for defending against genetically modified organisms (GMOs), to how to overcome the seemingly hardwired American preference for everything cheap.

But three major issues became abundantly clear as the day wore on in that windowless, generic hotel ballroom—three major issues that could affect every single person on this planet for better or for worse.

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