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10 Organic Farming Trends that Can Make Your Life Better

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Despite a stagnant economy, consumers are saying "Yes!" to organic more than ever. In fact, a recent Organic Trade Association report found that compared to last year, 41 percent more people are opting for organic rather than chemical food, even in this cash-strapped economy. But why? Part of the reason is that the health issues related to cheap food produced in antibiotic-ridden dairies and on antibiotic-loaded factory farms, as well as pesticide-laced produce, have captured the attention of mainstream consumers. Given the fact that these chemicals are linked to cancer, hormone-disruption, diabetes, ADHD, and obesity, it's no wonder more people are looking to organic food similar to that grown by ancestors before the chemical revolution.

Compass Natural, an organic trends tracking firm, this month listed the top organic trends.

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