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Benefits Baked Right In

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On a recent trip to River Valley Market in Northampton, MA, our Savvy Organic Shopper found competitive prices on ingredients to make sugar cookies for the holidays. She found organic eggs on sale for $2.19 (conventional were $2.79), Frontier Organic Co-op organic vanilla for $10.99 (conventional was $9.99), a pound of Organic Valley butter for $5.89 (conventional was $3.99/pound), a 2-pound bag of Florida Crystals organic sugar for $3.99 (a 1-pound box of conventional sugar was $2.19), and Heartland Mill organic flour in bulk for $.89 per pound (a box of conventional flour was $3.99). So, for virtually the same price, our Savvy Organic Shopper was able to buy all organic ingredients and treat herself, her family, and her friends to sugar cookies with a wide range of benefits baked right in. Now that’s a sweet deal!