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Stock Up on Holiday Savings

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On a recent trip to Wegman’s in Pittsford, NY, our Savvy Organic Shopper found competitive prices on a number of organic items for her upcoming holiday gathering. She found a three-pound bag of organic russet potatoes for $1.99 (a five-pound bag of conventional premium russets cost $3.49) and five ounces of Wegman’s organic spring mix for $3.49 (the conventional equivalent was $3.29). Our Savvy Organic Shopper found some additional deals on organic products using her Wegman’s Shoppers Club Card, including 16 ounces of Imagine Organic gravy for $1.99 (a 13-ounce container of conventional gravy was $2.99), and a 10-ounce package of Arrowhead Mills Organic Savory Herb Stuffing for $2.99 (a six-ounce package of conventional stuffing mix was $1.19 with the Shoppers Club Card). With prices like that, it’s definitely worth it to include organic in your holiday celebration!