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Whole Grains for Good Health

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Like many people, our Savvy Organic Shopper has resolved to make healthier food choices this year. As part of this resolution, she has decided to eat more organic whole grains, which are not only rich in heart-healthy nutrients, but also grown without harmful chemicals. When she went to the Big Y in Northampton, MA, she discovered she could do just that--and save money in the process. She found organic instant oatmeal for $3.46 (conventional was $3.99), organic whole grain pasta for $3.00 for 24 ounces (the same quantity of conventional pasta was also $3.00), and organic toasted oats cereal for $3.39 (conventional was $3.58). With prices like that for clean, healthy food you and your family can count on, the choice is clear: go organic! Your body and your budget will thank you!