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Stocking Up

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On a recent trip to Price Chopper in Oneida, NY, our Savvy Organic Shopper found competitive prices on balsamic vinegar and teriyaki sauce, which she regularly uses in her cooking. She found a 17-ounce bottle of organic balsamic vinegar priced at $6.99, or $.41 per ounce; a 33.5 ounce bottle of the conventional equivalent was priced at $8.49, or $.25 per ounce. She also found a 10-ounce bottle of organic teriyaki sauce for $2.99, and a 12-ounce bottle of conventional teriyaki sauce for $2.01. Given the small difference in price, and the fact that the organic items were made without the use of harmful pesticides or artificial ingredients, she went organic and stocked up!