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Lunchbox Specials

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Our Savvy Organic Shopper is always on the lookout for a good deal on healthy, organic items to include in her kids’ lunchboxes. On a recent trip to Shaw’s in Canton, MA, she found just that.  She found an 8-pack of HonestKids 6.75 oz. organic grape juice pouches for $3.59; 10 6-ounce pouches of conventional grape juice were $2.99. She also found a six pack of 4 oz. organic applesauce cups for $3.29; a similar quantity (six 3.9 oz. cups) of natural applesauce was $2.79. So, for just $1.10 more, she was able to pick up the organic items and feel confident that they had been made without the use of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. For her kids’ health and well-being, she knew it was worth it!