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Dip Into Savings

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Our Savvy Organic Shopper recently went to Wegmans in Liverpool, NY in search of ingredients with which to make a marinade. During her search, she found a 7.5 fl. oz. bottle of conventional lemon juice made from concentrate priced at $2.19. She also found a 16 fl. oz. bottle of Santa Cruz Organic lemon juice priced, made from freshly squeezed organic lemons, at $3.99. Thanks to a $.75 coupon she had printed off the Santa Cruz Organic website, the price of the organic lemon juice dropped to $3.24. Given the small difference in price between the organic and conventional juices, and the fact that the organic lemon juice was made without the use of toxic chemicals or artificial ingredients, our Savvy Organic Shopper chose organic and made up a marinade that she and her family couldn’t wait to dip into!