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Perfect Potato Salad

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Our Savvy Organic Shopper is gearing up for another barbecue this weekend, and she’s decided to bring along one of her summertime favorites: homemade potato salad. While she was at Woodmans West in Madison, WI, she was pleased to find competitive prices on a number of organic ingredients with which to make it. A 3-pound bag of Earthbound Farm organic red potatoes was priced at $4.39 (the conventional equivalent was $2.39); a bunch of Earthbound Farm celery was $2.59 (conventional was $1.39); a 2-pound bag of organic onions was $3.99 (conventional was $1.49); organic green onions were $1.49 for a 12-pack (conventional were $.49 for 6); and organic green peppers were $1.79 each (conventional were $.79 each). Confident that they had been grown without the use of toxic pesticides, our Savvy Organic Shopper grabbed the organic items and headed home to whip up her best batch of potato salad yet!