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Farmers' Market BBQ

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On a recent trip to the farmers’ market in Brattleboro, VT, our Savvy Organic Shopper came across organic ground beef for $6 per pound and grass-fed beef for $8 per pound. She also found organic and grass-fed stew meat, both priced at $8 per pound. Did you know, though, that organic cows are fed grass as a substantial part of their diet? By law, organic cows must have access to the outdoors and graze on rich and nutritious grass for a minimum of one third of their lives. That means for the same price (for the stew beef), or $2 less per pound (for the ground beef), you can enjoy organic beef that has not only been fed a grass-based diet, but also been raised without antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones.  So, grab some organic tomatoes, onions, and rolls and invite your friends over for an organic BBQ fresh from the farmers market at no extra cost!