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The Farm Bill

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You are probably aware that Congress is trying to find ways to cut government spending and reduce the size of the U.S. deficit. You may not be aware, though, that Congress’ work on this front includes creating a Farm Bill. This bill provides federal funding for agricultural programs, including those that directly affect organic businesses that produce the organic products you have come to know and trust.

The Farm Bill funds the National Organic Program, which develops national standards for and ensures the organic integrity of organically produced agricultural products, data collection, crop insurance, financial assistance for farmers transitioning to organic production, and research at land-grant universities on organic farming. In this way, the Farm Bill provides the basis for organic agriculture to continue to grow.

Learn more about the Farm Bill and the factors shaping its development.

Consumers: Take Action Now to Protect Organic
Contact Your Representatives about the 2012 Farm Bill
In order to reach deficit reduction requirements, Members of Congress are currently facing the daunting task of determining unprecedented spending cuts. While the funding for organic programs is miniscule in regards to the overall budget, everything is under scrutiny.
Please help defend the small, but critical, programs that support hard-working, committed organic businesses going the extra mile to bring healthy, delicious, and responsible organic food to your plate.
Email your elected federal officials and make sure they remember the importance of organic while making these tough budget decisions.