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Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Shallots

Recipe courtesy of Whole Foods Market brussel sprouts

Bok Choy with Carrots and Sesame-Orange Dressing

Recipe courtesy of Whole Foods Market bok choy with carrots

Homemade Vegetable Broth

Recipe courtesy of Whole Foods Market homemade vegetable broth

Collards with Lentils, Tomatoes and Indian Spices

Recipe courtesy of Whole Foods Marketcollards with lentils, tomatoes, and indian spices

Candied Sweet Potatoes and Apples

Recipe courtesy of Natasha Harris
Posted on OTA's Facebook page

Apple Salad

Recipe courtesy of Tory Hodapp Thompson
Posted on OTA's Facebook Page

3-4 organic red apples, cut into approx 1/2" chunks

Apple Butter

Recipe courtesy of Domenica Marchetti, Cooking Light, OCTOBER 2004
Shared by Tad Davis on OTA's Facebook Page

Organic Cooking Blogs to Bookmark

Organic on the Green

Organic food has become all the rage in recent years.

Vaughan Lazar

Organic Restauranter

Here, Pizza Fusion owner Vaughan Lazar explains what it means to run a certified organic restaurant and introduces Pizza Fusion's new School Organic Pizza Fridays program, which aims to bring healt

Cinnamon Plum Panna Cotta

Recipe courtesy of Gina De Roma, The Philosopher's Spoon cinnamon plum panna cotta