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Spice Up Your Hot Cider

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During a recent grocery shopping trip in Vermont, our Savvy Organic Shopper went in search of ingredients to make a holiday favorite: hot spiced cider. She found organic apple cider on sale for $6.99 per gallon and conventional cider for $4.99. With 20 servings per container, that’s a difference of only $.10 per 8oz. glass! Our Savvy She also found Frontier Organic Co-Op’s organic cinnamon on sale in bulk for 4.70 per pound; conventional cinnamon in the jar, by contrast, was $5.15—and that was for only 1.87 oz! With prices like that, and the fact that organic products are made without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers, the choice for ingredients for hot spiced cider is clear: go organic!