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No Yard? Here's How You Can Still Make and Use Compost

Planet Green

Reducing food waste is simple for those of us with a yard -- just toss any fruit and veggie scraps out on the compost pile, and repeat until, soon, there is enough rich, crumbly compost to toss ont

Demand For Quinoa A Boon For Bolivian Farmers


Quinoa, once a staple of the Incas, is now increasingly popular in the U.S.

Volunteers Help Organic Farming Grow


Farming as an industry is struggling, along with the rest of our economy, and organic farming can be an extra challenge.

Leaked document shows EPA allowed bee-toxic pesticide despite own scientists’ red flags


It's not just the State and Defense departments that are reeling this month from leaked documents. The Environmental Protection Agency now has some explaining to do, too.

Eva Lauve

Organic Post-Harvest Handling Exper

Here, Eva Lauve, Scheduling and Food Safety Manager at Stemilt Growers, explains the post-harvest handling process for organic fruit, and the steps that are taken to ensure

A Dangerous Pesticide That Will Soon Be All Over California

The Atlantic

Several years ago, looking into the differences between organic and conventional farming methods, I focused on strawberries as a case study.

Organic Foods: Alternative Pest Control: Bats


Organic food is certainly susceptible to pests as much as "conventional" food; the main difference is that certified organic food cannot use pesticides without possibility of their certification be

Suburban living, down on the farm

LA Times

Terry Eski had been itching to grow her own food for years, but living in a Chicago condominium, she lacked the space to garden.

Fall Gardening: What You Can Do Right Now

Cascadian Farm

As the weather cools, it's important not to forget about your garden. Now is the time to finish the harvest, put food up for the colder months and get ready for the growing season to come.