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Dryden family dairy sees improved herd, family health after going organic

The Ithaca Journal

Stop by Jerry Dell Farm on any given weekday and you'll probably find farmer Vaughn Sherman mixing up a batch of feed or doing one of a million chores, all in service of the health of his 400 Holstein cows.

Against the backdrop of hundreds of acres of rolling green hills on Gee Hill Road, the Sherman family's "pets" graze contentedly for much of the year, munching on grass and clover in between their two milkings each day, at 3 a.m. and 3 p.m., when they amble back into the farm's milking parlor.

Actress, model to star in TV reality show about life on organic farm

Sustainable Food News

Actress and  model Elizabeth Hurley is reportedly starring in a new TV reality series, which will document life on her 400-acre organic farm in Gloucestershire, U.K.

The farm in southwest England breeds pigs, geese, cows and sheep. Organic meat from the animals are sold to supermarkets and restaurants.

Hurley purchased the farm five years ago with husband Arun Nayar.

The new show airs on the Living channel, and filming is expected to start later this year.

Beneficial Insect Identification Chart

Earthbound Farm

To an organic farmer, not all insects are created equal! Beneficial insects are extremely important allies in our fight against crop-damaging pests. Here are some of the beneficial insects we use, and the pests they prey on.


 beneficial insects

For Farmville Players, A Crop from a Real Organic Farm

The New York Times

OPERATING a successful farm is a notion that is thriving in the virtual world. Some 20 million people check into FarmVille daily to plow pretend fields or buy, plant and harvest crops on online farms.

A FarmVille farm that represents the real, organic Cascadian Farm, which is a unit of General Mills, in Washington State.

Reduce waste and create fertilizer for your garden


Be environmentally savvy this summer with a composting plan for all those lawn clippings and picnic leftovers.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, yard trimmings and food create 23% of the waste in municipal systems. Composting meets two goals: It creates the rich soil gardeners dream about and it spares landfill space.

Organic food labels



Saving a buck: composting



10 Celebrities with Organic Vineyards

The Huffington Post

They act, sing, write and direct, but no celebrity career is really complete without their own wine somewhere on the résumé. Most stars simply team up with a winery to produce a vanity label, while others have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to the wine business. The quality of these wines are as varied as the careers behind them - we're not running out to try a Vince Neil Chardonnay any time soon - though we applaud the following list of celebs for choosing organic when it comes to their vineyards.

Turn organic waste into 'garden gold' with composting


Compost is nature’s gift to our gardens, helping retain moisture and aerate the soil, and it is easy to make and totally free. Compost is one of the greatest bargains for both experienced and novice gardeners.

Compost is the dark, crumbly, partially decomposed form of organic waste material on its way to becoming humus. Compost is an excellent soil conditioner. It is easy to handle and stores for long periods.

Researchers show that organic farming enhances biodiversity and natural pest control


WASHINGTON, July 1, 2010 – A team of researchers from Washington State University and the University of Georgia have found that organic farming increases biodiversity among beneficial, pest-killing predators and pathogens. In potato crops, this led to fewer insect pests and larger potato plants.

“It’s always been a mystery how organic farmers get high yields without using synthetic insecticides,” says co-author Bill Snyder, associate professor of entomology at Washington State University. “Our study suggests that biodiversity conservation may be a key to their success.”