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Harry Potter star Emma Watson to introduce organic clothing


The lead actress of Hollywood film “Harry Potter”, Emma Watson is considering to build up her fashion line by introducing a collection of organic clothing.

Organic Pet Food

Pet owners want nothing but the best for their pets. That is why many of them choose to feed them organic pet food.

White Bean and Spinach Salad

Recipe courtesy of Whole Foods Market white bean and spinach salad

Organic Food: What's Really Worth It

Good Housekeeping

Enter a supermarket anywhere, and you'll find a growing number of organic products. Not just fruits and veggies, but peanut butter, ice cream — you name it.

Organic Apples

What should you look for when picking your own organic apples?

Screamin' Grocery Store Deals: 16 Cheap, Organic Foods

The Huffington Post

Can you eat a healthy, whole foods, mostly organic diet, even on a shoestring budget? As a frequent and thrifty shopper, I know it can be done -- even if you're not a vegetarian.

Adrian Desbarats

Organic Fiber and Textile Expert

Here, Adrian Desbarats, president of Fashion and Earth, explains what it means for clothing to carry the organic label, what to look for

Farmers Markets: An Investment in Fresh Food

Let's Move

An integral part of the Let’s Move! initiative is gaining a critical boost when it comes to solving the challenge of childhood obesity and improving the health and nutrition of all Americans.  Today, USDA is proud to announce new investments that will help connect farms with families at the local level by providing grants to local farmers markets, producers, and farmers. Farmers markets across the country help families make the right choice when it comes to fresh produce and foods by bringing their harvest right to our communities.

More and More Venues Feature Organic Coffee

PR Web

Organic coffee has become the beverage of choice in food service establishments ranging from highway convenience stores to fast-food chains. It is also offered in college dining halls, the National Zoo and Smithsonian cafeterias, destination spas, and some of the nation’s finest restaurants. According to the Organic Coffee Collaboration, a project of the Organic Trade Association (OTA), the greater availability comes as consumers increasingly adopt all things “green,” and roasters work with restaurateurs to create special blends for a wide variety of demanding palates.

Barry Cik

Organic Mattress Expert

In this profile, Naturepedic co-founder Barry Cik explains the difference between organic mattresses and their non-organic counterparts, uncovers why organic mattresses are parti