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Westminster's top dog likes her sausage organic, her bed human


 Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) -- The Scottish terrier Sadie will be a test case next week of whether past performance is indicative of future returns.

At New York’s Westminster Kennel Club dog show, opening Monday, Sadie’s breed is the 8-1 favorite, according to the chief sports odds-maker at the Wynn Las Vegas casino. The dog, who sleeps on her handler’s bed and expects organic chicken hot dogs as treats, has won 111 best-in-shows in about four years on the purebred circuit.

Understanding Organic Personal Care

It is easy to be confused about what to look for when shopping for organic personal care

Green your Super Bowl party

USA Today

Perhaps your Super Bowl party Sunday should be a time to go wild and be wasteful, but since this is the Green House community, I can't resist passing on tips by other bloggers for an eco-minded good time.

EcoChic fashion preserves biodiversity

Voice of America

A United Nations Trade Group is promoting so-called "EcoChic Fashion" as one way of stemming the rapid loss of the world's biodiversity.  The United Nations has designated 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity to focus attention on the threatened extinction of the fauna and flora on which the world depends for survival.  The U.N. Conference on Trade and Development is calling for the sustainable use of natural resources.  It says ecological fashion firms use organic materials and production methods that do not damage the environment.

Dog Tip of the Day: Choosing Organic Dog Shampoo


Recently we wrote about grooming your dog with a dry shampoo (a great option during the winter). But what about when it's time to roll up your sleeves and thoroughly bathe your dog?

You'll want a dog shampoo that will get him clean, leave his coat soft and shiny, and make him smell fresh. But another important consideration is an eco-friendly, organic product as well.

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Why Organic Cotton?

Go Green Toolshed

Why Organic Cotton?
Because we care…about the environment, our children, our health.

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Shoestring Living: Can frugal and organic co-exist?


If buying organic products is a way of life, it must be possible to
make it a manageable cost as well. Here are some tips for keeping
natural products in the line up, when the bottom line is a priority as

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Eco-friendly ideas for the bathroom

Pocono Record


The bathroom is a great place to go green. Here are some ideas:

Think Organic Cotton: Bath linens made from organic cotton are not only comfy and soft, but they require less pesticide to produce than regular cotton towels. Manufacturers that use the slightly more expensive organic cotton also tend to use natural dyes and softeners that are less toxic to the environment.

Iron Chef America Goes Organic


WHITE HOUSE IRON 2Last night on Iron Chef America, the greatest reality food show in history (after Top Chef, of course),