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Prince Charles Dishes Dirt (the Organic Kind)

The New York Times

The heir to the British throne prunes brambles with a hand sickle and empties buckets of compost in “Harmony,” a documentary on NBC that showcases Prince Charles’s pet environmental causes.

Americans Are Wary Of Genetically Engineered Foods


Would you eat a genetically engineered salmon? Are you even sure what the difference is between the regular variety and one that's been tweaked to grow faster?

Information concerning rBST/rGBH

Concerning the use of rBST (also known as rBGH) in cows to stimulate milk production:

An argument for eating organic foods

The Racquette

While looking at different online articles about buying organic foods, you may find that many claim that organic foods are not any healthier than non-organic foods.

The Organic Center: “A Dairy Farm’s Footprint.”

Elephant Journal

A first look at a new research report showing that organic dairy farming systems promote cow health and longevity by placing less stress on cows and feeding them healthier forage-based diets, while

Drinking water crisis: A California town fights back

Los Angeles Times

More than a million Californians live in places where tap water isn't reliably safe to drink, and about a third of them are in small, mostly Latino towns such as Seville in the San Joaquin Valley.

State of the Organic Union

The Atlantic

As a third-generation insider, and granddaughter of the original organic iconoclast, I've seen the evolution of the organic food industry happen in real time. Slow-motion real time.

11-Year Old Organic Food Activist Explains What's Wrong With Our Nation's Food System

Planet Green

Eleven-year old Birke Baehr has a lot to say about our nation's defunct food system and it's perking the ears of parents and kids alike. He talks the specifics of genetically modified foods and how they have been proven to cause cancer in lab animals. He goes on to explain a scary truth; almost all the corn that we eat has been genetically modified and that corn is an ingredient in the majority of the processed foods that we eat. That's why nearly 70 percent of processed foods on the market are genetically modified.