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Food dyes and allergies


My son had a play date the other day, and when I picked him up, he was more hyperactive than usual. I quickly saw the reason: he was clutching a package of gummy bears.

Vatican official backs off perceived approval to genetically modified foods

LA Times

A Vatican cardinal crops Tuesday, saying farmers in the developing world shouldn't be dependent on foreign multinationals for their seeds.

America's good food fight

LA Times

Our holiday table got quite tense. We are a mixed family — Jewish, Christian, Republican, Democrat –— but the tension wasn't from differences over religion or politics. It was about food.

Ag Secretary's proposal riles biotech industry


WASHINGTON — Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who was once seen as an ally of biotech companies, has now angered the industry with a proposed policy shift in how genetically engineered crops are

Eleven reasons to eat organic according to Cascadian Farms


You might think you know good reasons for choosing organic produce. Brainstorm. How many of the reasons listen below did you come up with? This list is courtesy of Cascadian Farms.

HOW TO: Five Ways To Eat Healthy To Reduce Your Cancer Risk


10 Organic Farming Trends that Can Make Your Life Better


Despite a stagnant economy, consumers are saying "Yes!" to organic more than ever.

USDA Reverses Course, Weighs Restrictions on Biotech Alfalfa

New York Times

The Department of Agriculture is considering the imposition of geographic restrictions and isolation distances on the cultivation of a genetically modified crop, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack a

USDA releases its EIS on genetically altered alfalfa

Organic Trade Association

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Dec. 16, 2010)—The U.S.

For the First Time, the FDA Tracks Antibiotics in Our Meat

The Atlantic

I was interested to read FoodSafetyNews yesterday morning and learn about the FDA's new count of the number and pounds of antibiotics used to promote the growth of farm animals used as food: 29 mil