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FDA: US livestock fed 28.7M lbs of antibiotics in 2009

Mother Nature Network

If you still eat “conventional” meat — you know, the factory-farmed, antibiotics-fed stuff — you’re eating a whole lot of antibiotics.

Becoming a Certified Organic Handler

Written by Eva Lauve, Scheduling and Food Safety Manager at Stemilt Growers

USDA chief visits with Stephen Colbert, brings cheese


On the heels of the historic food safety bill's passage and the toes of today's House vote on the re-authorized Childhood Nutrition Act, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack appeared on the Colbert Re

Animal Health and Welfare

If you’ve been following the news

Statement from the First Lady on the House Passing Child Nutrition Legislation

The White House

I am so thrilled that the House of Representatives has passed “The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act” – a groundbreaking piece of bipartisan legislation that will significantly improve the quality of m

Tests suggest dementia may be linked with pesticide use

The Independent

People exposed to pesticides for many years may be at greater risk of dementia.

Information concerning rBST (recombinant Bovine Somatotropin)

Concerning the use of rBST (also known as rBGH) in cows to stimulate milk production:

Growing in the right direction

New York Daily News

Even though organic products are prevalent in many venues and represent one of the fastest growing sectors,you may not understand what“organic” really means.