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Farmers Markets

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The Savvy Organic Shopper stopped by the Dupont Circle Farmers Market in Washington, D.C.  and found competitive prices on local, organic foods. Vine-ripe organic tomatoes were being sold for $3.00 per pound, while conventional tomatoes were $4.50 per pound. Organic eggplant was $2.60 per pound, whereas conventional eggplant was $3.60 per pound. At $2.00 per pound, organic cucumbers were also a dollar cheaper per pound than their conventional counterparts. 

Interested in more good deals on organic products, but not sure where to find the farmers’ market near you? Visit http://www.localharvest.org/. Just check the box that says “farmers’ markets,” enter your zip code, and click “search” and you’ll instantly see a list of farmers’ markets in your area. It’s that easy! With 6,132 farmers’ markets scattered throughout the United States, you’re sure to find at least one near you!

Easier to find and more affordable than ever: Organic. It’s worth it.